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Free Business Cards

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weather UK

Weather Online

Quite a useful site to check your local UK or global weather.

Wind & Weather UK


Kite Society of Great Britain


British Kite Flying Association

GOKF logo

Great Ouse Kite Flyers UK

UK Kite Clube near Peterborough

Midlands Kite Flyers


BFT Scale

The Beaufort Scale

The Beaufort Scale - How to measure or guess-timate the windspeed.

One Sky One World

One Sky One World
"The purpose of One Sky One World, is simply to promote the concept of global harmony and understanding between all peoples of the world through an expression of the universality of kites and the wind ....
Online Convertion

Online Conversions

Do you need to convert metric to non-metric, temperatures and more, than this site is for you. 
how wings work

How Wings Work

A useful source to find out a little bit about aerodynamics. 

Kite Aerial Photography

Aerial photopgraphs and more ...

Interested in KITE Aerial Potography??
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Kites & Friends

Kite & Friends

Interested in the German Kite Magazine Kite & Friends?

Please get in touch. Or have a look here:


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